Studio Policies

Lesson Scheduling and Attendance

Lessons are scheduled in half-hour intervals using Acuity Scheduling. Please make every effort to have your child attend at the agreed lesson time. Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons but not required.



Tuition is paid either entirely online or partially online and partially in person using Acuity Scheduling. Any balance not paid at registration is due on the last calendar day of each month. I am very appreciative of my students (and parents) who make studio payments in a timely manner. 


You must cancel at least 5-days in advance to receive a refund on any payment. Exceptions can be made (but are not guaranteed) in the following extreme and unavoidable circumstances: 

If you cancel AFTER the 5-day mark and you have paid the $10/lesson deposit, you will only have lost the $10 amount. 

If you cancel AFTER the 5-day mark and you have paid the full lesson price, you will receive $13 in return and I will keep the deposit. 

Because of this setup, rescheduling shouldn’t be necessary all that often as you will be able to book your lessons months in advance. See Makeup Lessons for more details. 


Makeup Lessons

In the case of extreme and unavoidable circumstances (as defined above), makeup lessons are offered. Please contact me as soon as possible if you are aware you need to reschedule. It is the student’s (or possibly parent's) responsibility to remember their scheduled lesson time. Makeup lessons will not be provided for "no shows".

If I am unavailable to teach the day of our scheduled lesson, which will be a high irregularity, I will notify you immediately, refund your lesson or reschedule your lesson to a day and at a time that is convenient for your family.

Lesson Discontinuation


Tuition is set up for a monthly basis because I am aware life is constantly evolving. I understand school demands and additional extracurricular activities may vary over time. Please notify me if you are considering discontinuing lessons. 



It is my goal for my students to enjoy the gift of music and to healthily progress in their musical skill-sets! For younger students, it is beneficial to have mom or dad assist with practice at home. It is ultimately the parent's responsibility to ensure their child practices at home. Practice times vary depending on the student's age, vocal background and current assignments.


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