Welcome to Wellspring Music Arts! 

We are thrilled about our FALL 2020 semester! 

Please note that there have been several significant changes to our program since last year.

With the current COVID-19 crisis, it is understandable if you are hesitant to register prior to June 1st. However, due to the apparent peak of the pandemic having occurred, Wellspring Vocal Arts is anticipating beginning as scheduled in August. We will however, remain vigilant during this time. 



  • May 1st-Early Registration Begins

  • June 19th-Early Registration Ends

  • August 21st-Courses and Rehearsals Begin

  • December 11th-Courses and Rehearsals End




To register for our program, please use these forms:


In emergencies, you may use this email: michaelsingstenor@gmail.com. However, all other communication will be conducted using Band App. We are currently using Band App, (for the first time), as our communication method. If you’re searching for schedules, the latest updates, class materials, assignments or any other important communication, please reach out to me and I'll add you to our group. 


COSTS- Click here for a complete breakdown of costs. 


Music appreciation on Friday at 11:00am-11:55am

This graded course will give an overview of music history beginning with Renaissance to the modern era. We will talk about choral music, orchestral music, folk music and music for the theater. In addition to the class, we may attend concerts and shows in the area. Our course is  designed to encourage students to search deeper into music’s history and meaning! 


Group Voice Lessons (masterclass) on Friday at 12:00pm-12:55pm

This course will serve students with an interest in healthy singing and improving their ability to perform. Students will have the opportunity to learn together, perform in front of a small group and receive feedback in a safe learning environment. 


Young Artists Choir on Friday at 1:00pm-1:35pm

In the Young Artists Choir, boys and girls in grades 1-5 will have the opportunity to learn basic rhythm, ear training, and healthy singing, while singing in 2-3 part harmony. Young Artists would have the chance to sing at the end of the semester concert as well as travel to local assisted living facilities. 


Treblemakers Choir on Friday at 1:45pm-2:55pm

In the Treblemakers choir, 6th-12th grade girls will learn to sing in 3-4 part harmony and discover basic-advanced rhythm, ear training, and of course, healthy singing techniques. Treblemakers will have several chances to perform with our other choirs and in the community. 

Men’s Choir on Friday at 3:00pm-4:15pm

The Men’s Choir is an opportunity for young men to challenge themselves in creating compelling choral music while learning the basics of music reading and ear training. The young men’s choir will occasionally join forces with the other choirs to form a larger men’s and women’s choir, allowing them to access even more songs! 

Study Hall can be arranged for families with students in different courses, as long as the family requests Study Hall more than 2 weeks in advance. 



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